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PHAT DAT INTERNATIONAL is the prestigious, effective and professional company for investors in EU, US and ASIA. With our target to support investors to execute investment projects, we provide a completely effective solution with one-round services of Legal and Investment – Public Relations and Inter-communication – Public Affairs and Governmental Relations. We provide professional high-level experts around the world to support clients the most comfortable and effective services. Our mission is for Regional Cooperation and World Peace to make our society become a better place for living with full of prosperity and happiness for the peoples.


We are highly skilled at assisting businessmen with a wide variety of investment projects. We understand that, during project implementation, there are many legal requirements and procedures to take your time and make it difficult for your execution. We will help you to reduce the most difficulties and save your precious time. With our experienced experts, we provide you the most trustworthy services than you have ever used to make your investment project smooth and effective to bring success to you.


The framework services we provide:


1.  Investment Consultancy: Foreign investment project plan; Enterprise Establishment; Representative Office; Branch of Foreign Corporation; Business Lines Extension; Investment Project Registration; Market Research; Investment Strategy Building.


2.   Corporate Consultancy: Merger & Acquisition; Share & Capital Transfer; Corporate Administration; Business Restructuring; Business Liquidation; Bankruptcy; Labor & Employment; Arbitration and International Tribunals.


3.  Contract Consultancy: International Trade Contract, Business Operation Contracts; Labor; Logistics; Construction; Securities; Guarantee & Pledge; Asset Purchase.


4.  Public Relations and Inter-communication: Designing and Administrating; Public Strategy; Public Investigations; Security and Development; Multi-media Communications; Multi-media, Social - Governmental Relations; brand management.


5.  Public Affairs and Governmental Relations: Licensing; Work Permit, Visas, Residence Cards, Certifications, Licenses, Meeting and Contacting the Governmental Agencies.


We are confident in providing you professional consultings to make you inner-peaceful and strengthen your decision in doing business.